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24 Leather labels for clothing | Custom leather labels

24 Leather labels for clothing | Custom leather labels
How to create a luxury brand ? Its more than just the clothes. Its about branding. Therefore, we produce leather labels in a variety of shapes and styles. Suitable for all types of garments and accessories. To enhance your fashion creations and increase your brand awareness and brand value.

We are unique in the sheer variety of choices offered. Our offering includes genuine leather labels, vegan leather labels and PU leather labels.

- for clothing designers and manufacturers
- emphasizes the rugged image of products
- shapes include: heart, circle, retangle, emblem, square, etc.
- each set contains 24 leather labels

Front side:
Text colour:
Mounting holes:
Quantity:   X 24 Labels Usually ships within 1-2 working days Express Service
Will be shipped on Monday 15th October 2018